Sunday, August 21, 2011

World Series

Have I told you that we are baseball fans?  As I sit here and think about it, it's strange how much I enjoy baseball.  I didn't grow up in a baseball family.  My brother didn't play baseball, we didn't watch it on TV, and I don't remember going to any baseball games (maybe I did and I just don't remember).  However, baseball has become my own family's niche.  That's who we a family.  It's funny how that works.  Does your family have a niche...something that helps define who you are? 

Anyways...guess what we were doing this weekend? How'd you guess?  Watching baseball!  Every year we make the trek to the Little League World Series.  It's AMAZING! Watching 12 year old boys from around the world play together.  Of course they are playing against each other, while they are on the field.  But when they are not in uniform, they are running around the park.  It's really cool.  And as always, we had a super time! We couldn't decide if we were cheering for the Southeast team (Georgia) or the Mid Atlantic team (Pennsylvania).  We decided on Mid Atlantic...go Keystone!

We went with our friends: Becky, Gary, Cory, and Jack (Gary's dad).

My sister, Kerry, and her family met us there as well.  We all enjoyed several games, including a record attendance game Friday night.   This is what 42,000 people look like...

With this many people, there was an awesome "wave"

And we met "friends"...the people beside us were locals, and very interesting.  They had about a four foot square space and about 12 not-so-small people.  They oozed onto my blanket and treated me like family.  One of them had a teddy bear tattoo, one just bought a van that needed to be towed to their house, they all had potty mouths and an Uncle Bubba!  When I heard them talking about Uncle Bubba  For all of you with an Uncle Bubba, I apologize, I just couldn't help myself!

Two things you should notice in this picture. you see that man's leg on my red blanket? Yeah...that was just part of the oozong. you see that brown stuff on the back of my shorts?  Hmmm - that's a whole other story!  The short version is that there was a storm earlier in the day, the hill was wet and muddy, I was wearing flip flops - do you see where I'm going with this?  Yes, I fell.  How embarrassing!  There were people everywhere.  I was on the phone with Kerry trying to tell her what we were doing.  My phone went flying, my sunglasses flew off my head and my whole right side was covered in mud.  Go ahead...laugh...I'll wait.............are you done yet? I was not laughing at the time, but it is quite funny when I think about it now.  Glad I could make you smile today!
Moving on...At the local bakery we bought cookies for the boys. YUM-O!

We are blessed to be able to have opportunities like this.  Making memories is one of my favorite things to do!

Thanks for the memories!

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