Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beach Diaries - Day 1

You know what it's plan, you wait, you pack (you wait some more).  It seems like vacation will NEVER get here.  Well guess what?  It's here! YEAH! 

Every other year my family goes on vacation together.  I love these vacations.  There are always some mishaps and rolled eyes, but we wouldn't be a family if everything was perfect for an entire week.  These have become some of my favorite vacations.  We take turns planning where we go and this year was my sister Kerry's turn to plan.  She decided on a beach resort, which suits me just fine.  I love the beach.  The resort has campsites and beach houses, which is perfect for my family.  Kerry and Tammy's families are sharing a beach house;  Rodney, Shawn and I are in our camper and Mom & Dad are beside us in their camper. 

So...back to vacation.  Let's just say we drove forever. really.  We left the night before to get a jump start on traffic, but evidently so did everyone else.  We drove for 9 hours last night to get to a spot that should have taken about 6 hours.  We pulled over and slept for awhile (yes, we are those campers that don't mind finding a Walmart parking lot).  We got up this morning and finished the haul.  We were all hot, sticky, stinky and tired.  Just after we checked in and got the campers set up...a thunderstorm rolled in.  These are pictures taken from inside our camper during the storm.  Some kind of beach fun, huh?

It actually was good timing (for everyone except Tammy who was still driving).  It gave us all a chance to take showers, sit in the air condition and take naps - which we all needed. 

After about 2 1/2 hours, the storm passed and the sun came out.  It was Kerry and Jeff's turn to make dinner, so we walked to their beach house and hung out there for awhile.  Shawn and Adam took up fishing in the lake behind the house.
Dinner was delicious. Some ate on the deck and enjoyed the perfect evening weather.

It was a relaxing way to start vacation.  I can't wait for the rest of the week, and pray that it will go slowly - just like the ride here :-)

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  1. Hey Sis, It seems like just yesterday!Reading the Beach Diary blog brought tears & smiles to my face. Thank you for the memories!! Love ya, Tammy ps for the record that was Sheila's plate-not mine