Friday, August 12, 2011

Beach Diaries - Day 6


You betcha we're having fun!  This morning started early...really early.  And perhaps it wasn't really fun.  But it was necessary...

A brake caliber broke on Rodney's truck yesterday.  Isn't it great when things like this happen far away from home?  We were backing up at the campground general store when we heard this horrible metal scratching-dragging-screeching sound.  I seriously thought Rodney backed over some small child on a bike.  Fortunately, that was not the case. Nevertheless, I was a nervous wreck.  We have a 31 foot camper to tow home in a few days and our truck was stuck at a general store.  My very calm husband walked me back to the camper and had my dad and Jeff take him to the auto store to buy parts.  This morning they all got up, even Evan, and helped get it fixed.  I am grateful for my dad's mechanical background and for everyone else's willingness to pitch in...even when it's dirty work!

 So...when the work was all done, we could go play!  And play we did!!! We went to a water park today and had a splash blast.  I'll warn you now...there are a lot of pictures.  I just couldn't decide which ones to use.

We loved the slides.  Head first, feet first, tubes or mats.  Everyone has their own strategy.  Mine is usually laughing the whole time and trying not to go too fast.  Rodney's is to figure out how to go the fastest.  Evan's is to look good going down.  
We also enjoyed the lazy river.  We are on vacation after all.  Being lazy is allowed!  I love that all five cousins hooked up like a train and stuck together. 
Shawn, Dani, Evan, Adam, Jennifer (and some kid that wishes he could be a part of our family)

I hope your day was as fun as mine! 

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  1. Thanks for your blog. I do look back on them and smile at the great memories, good times and fun! Love ya, Sista T