Friday, October 5, 2012

Colorado...Part 1

You know the old saying, "Better late than never!"  Well, this is one of those times.  And quite frankly, 3 months is not really that late, is it?  Without further ado...

Once upon a time there was a little 8 year old girl.  She loved her big sisters.  She soon learned that one of her big sisters was going to have a baby...a precious baby girl.  The 8 year old was SO excited.  And when her sister FINALLY had the baby, the 8 year old little girl would be honored to share her middle name with the new little baby. The 8 year old girl would always hold a special place in her heart for her first niece.

Fast forward 28 years...

The precious niece moves to Colorado and decides to get married.  So what does that mean for the sisters?


My sister, Tammy would need a dress.  But which one???
Hint: none of these made the cut!

We would plan and plan.  And then climb in the car and hit the road. 

We saw many landscapes along the way.  We drove through storms (that we would later learn caused tornadoes).  We told many stories.  We laughed.  A lot.  But one thing we did not do was sleep - at least not in the car. We drove through 7 states...or was it 8? Or 9?  Who knows.  You lose count after awhile, and they all start to look the same - Trust me!

We drove through downtown Saint Louis.  That was fun!  Not only did we get really close to the Arch, but we almost got killed! Okay, not really.  But maybe... We needed to get gas.  So, Tammy got off of the interstate - right into the ghetto part of Saint Louis.! She stayed outside to pump gas and I went inside to get drinks.  The clerk was safely tucked behind bullet proof glass, which should have been my first warning.  There was a very large, gangster-looking man inside the doorway talking on his cell phone (warning number 2).  I, being the kind person that I am, look right at him and smile and say, "Hi! How are you today?"  He says hi back, and I go on my way.  Big Gangster Man leaves the store without an incident.  When I return to the car, Tammy asked me if I spoke to Big Gangster Man. Evidently he must have been on the phone with his woman, because when he came out of the store he was loudly explaining that "it was just some white woman that said hi.  Come on Baby, don't be like that!"  So I told Tammy to book it before Big Gangster Man's Woman came after us!

As we left Missouri we saw the Royals stadium.  We are not Royals fans, but we do love baseball so it was neat to see the stadium.  Plus, Shawn played for the Royals this year. I wish there would have been a game going on.  I might have talked Tammy into stopping for a little while.

Kansas was a boring state (sorry if you're from Kansas).  Seriously, there was nothing! In fact, I called Rodney and told him that I would never move there.  I didn't see a store for hours!

We stopped at a hotel in Kansas.  It was near Fort Riley.

The next morning was full of more nothingness.  Except for the windmill farms!

Can you tell how bored I was?  Who takes this many pictures of windmills?

But don't worry...we had our own entertainment! Her name is Tammy...

And YES...that is a Cheeto up her nose!

As we crossed into Colorado on the third day, we were a bit delirious and goofy! The weather was weird, but the mountains were gorgeous.  This was my first time "out west" and I was in awe. 
We passed this nice car...

I told you we were delirious!

And before long, we were in Boulder...

 Thanks for taking me along sis!

Stay tuned for Part 2...