Saturday, June 18, 2011

Old Fashioned Fun

Friday afternoon I took Shawn and two of his friends (Lake and Cade) to the local creek to play and have fun.  I was sure that we wouldn't be gone long because the water is still very cold.  I took a book and my computer (and of course my camera) just in case I needed something to do.  I am glad I did.  They stayed for about 3 1/2 hours.  They made up games, got dirty and just had good old fashioned fun.  The only thing that made them stop was their stomachs! It makes me smile to know that they didn't need to be entertained with cell phones, X-box, ipods, etc...  They were happy with muddy water and ropes.  I will take them to the creek anytime they want to go! And the next time I will pack some food!

Yup...that's my boy - undies and all!  We'll have to work on tightening those babies up!

This is Cade reaching for the rope swing

 Lake coming in for a landing from the rope swing

What do you say?  Get your kids outside this summer and let them have some dirty old fashioned fun!

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