Saturday, June 11, 2011


I do not like the word "bittersweet."  It's either sweet or it's bitter.  When recipes call for bittersweet chocolate, I use milk chocolate (I know, call me a rebel!).  But I don't want something bitter messing with my sweetness! It just doesn't make sense!  So why am I writing about this??? Because today was a super bitter sweet day!

Shawn played his last regular season Little League game today at 1:00.  It didn't  hit me until about 11:30 that this was it.  Tears actually came to my eyes at this realization, and as I wiped them I thought, "What is the matter with you...this is just baseball for heaven's sake!"  But there is something magical about Little League.  I don't know how to explain it, but things just won't be the same.  It's almost as if Shawn's childhood is over (a little dramatic, I know).  So why wasn't today just plain bitter??? Well remember when I wrote here about Shawn being a solid hitter?  He has been on base almost every at-bat this year.  In fact, Rodney just said today that he is going to find out what Shawn's batting average was for this year because he is sure it is outstanding.  He has had singles, doubles, triples and a ton of RBI's.  Well today Shawn's coach told him that he has been playing all season for the team and he wanted Shawn to play today for himself.  Coach told Shawn to put one over the fence and if it fell short and someone caught it, that was okay.  Today was about Shawn.  It was his worst game this season as far as batting...he struck out, hit a pop fly out and singled.  When he came to the plate for his fourth and final Little League at-bat, it was all about Shawn.  He crushed the ball to left center field and over the fence.  I was so stunned at first that I forgot to take a picture until he was rounding second base. Shawn's dream of hitting a home run at his Little League field has come true. Sweet!

A little hop in his step!

A little hand shake from Coach!

A little smile on his face!

A little strut in front of the other fans!

A big pile of teammates!


Who knows...maybe the next time I make chocolate chip cookies, I'll actually use bittersweet chocolate chips!

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