Monday, June 27, 2011

Kerry, Kerry Quite Contrary...

...How does your garden grow?

I have been hearing and reading a lot about gardens lately (Check out the garden fairies here or here or here).  It makes me feel like quite a slacker.  I don't garden.  I don't own any house plants.  I don't have a green thumb!  My Grammy Belle would be so disappointed in me if she knew.  I am sure she is in heaven shaking her head saying "What? You don't have a garden?" I'm banking on the fact that she is busy playing BINGO in heaven and doesn't have time to check on my garden (or lack thereof)!  Grammy Belle was always outside (in her bare feet no less) planting, watering, pulling weeds and harvesting whatever she could.  She could grow anything, anywhere!  Fortunately, her way of life has been passed on.  Yesterday my family got together at my sister Kerry's house.  At least four times she took people to her garden to show off the fruits of her labor. 
She had some squash that was ready to be picked.  I don't even know what I would do with a squash, but I couldn't help being happy for her.

Here are the green peppers , begging for someone to oooh and aaah over them.

Jalapenos are hanging out, waiting to be turned into salsa.

I Spy...a pickle!  No...little cucumbers beginning to come to life.

There are also several varieties of tomatoes.  Kerry got them at roadside stand and couldn't resist leaving any behind.  So they all found a home with her.  Meet Roma, Better Boy, Heirloom and Beefsteak.

Kerry, your garden is lovely.  You are doing a great job.  Grammy Belle would be proud!

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  1. I love this post! The writing is so good! And I'm pretty sure your Grammy Belle would be proud of you...for picking a best friend who is a gardener :) Please ask Kerry if her veggies are on steroids. How did they get that big???? She must have planted them in December! I need a magnifying glass (and a good imagination) to see any peppers on my plants.