Monday, July 25, 2011

Here we go again!

Put me in coach...we're ready to win..again!

In the midst of the heat wave...Shawn was playing baseball.  His all-star team played in a local tournament this past week.  They came out looking strong...they were undefeated going into the championship game.  They lost a tough battle in that game, but because it was a double elimination tournament, and both teams now had one loss, we had to play one more game.  It was our turn, and the boys played hard.  The other kids were fighters.  They wanted it just as bad as our boys.  It was a good game, and it was our turn to win.  We came home with the first place trophy.  It was very exciting...but I'm gonna tell ya the thing that I was most proud of was the sportsmanship.  Between the two championship games and after the final game, the boys from both teams congratulated each other, talked to each other and were genuinely friendly.  These were two local teams that should be rivals, but instead of bragging, complaining and giving dirty looks,  they shook hands and patted each others backs.  That, my friends, is a lesson the rest of the world needs to learn.

Now, for a few pictures from the tournament...

Here's Shawn doing what he does best.  He has been an amazing hitter this year.

My "line-driver" hit one over the fence.  Everyone was so excited for him. Just look at his teammates as they came to the plate to congratulate him:

And here's the first place team after the final championship game.  Super happy on this super hot day!

Luckily for the boys, Shawn's Aunt Kerry and Uncle Jeff live just a mile from this ball field and their pool  was calling the boys' names!

Congratulations boys!  I am proud of you all.
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