Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chase's Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated another birthday in our family.  My nephew Chase turned 7.  I have 15 nieces and nephews (all on my side of the family, as Rodney is an only child) and Chase is the youngest.  For his birthday he wanted to go to Aunt Kerry's to swim.  I t was a gorgeous day! 

The kids all enjoyed the pool.  Jennifer and Chase were happy to watch Shawn and Cory. I am not sure what it is about teenage boys and their need to play rough...

Chase wanted strawberry cake...YUM-O!
And then he FINALLY got to open his presents.  He was so excited about opening his presents.  He asked several times if he could open them only to be told, "Not yet."  
He got some Monster Trucks and a race track for them.
And he got tickets to go see the Monster Trucks at the local speedway.  He was so excited.  He also got some money to spend at the Monster Truck races.  Chase has never been to see the Monster Trucks before, but I know he will have a blast.  When Shawn was just two we took him to see his first Monster Truck races.  He fell in love.  We watched them on TV.  We bought him all the little trucks.  He could name every truck and driver.  We went to the races every year for 9 years.  For the past two years he hasn't been interested in them.  It's a little sad to see him grow up and "remember when..."  But I guess that's life.  I hope Chase will make memories so that one day he too can "remember when.."  Happy Birthday little buddy.  Go have some fun!

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