Thursday, July 21, 2011

Second Chances

We all need second chances.  Me, I'm on my 1000th second chance right now!  The key is not to get discouraged. 

Last week, I stumbled upon a yard sale full of opportunity.  I hopped out of my car and began wandering around.  All of a sudden I found myself in an argument.  The conversation went like this:
Stranger:  Come over here!
Me: (strange look on my face) What?
Stranger:  Come on, give me a second chance.
Me:  I don't even know you.
Stranger: We could get to know each other.
Me:  I don't need you.
Stranger:  I could make you happy.
Me:  I don't even know what I would do with you.
Stranger:  Give me a second chance and you'll figure it out.

I know what you're thinking...believe me, I was thinking it too.  But that stranger would NOT take no for an answer and somehow that stranger ended up in my car.  I rushed home and asked Rodney to help me get the stranger out.

Here he is all scruffy and dull;  just waiting for some love:

This old oak table was calling my name from the time I saw him.  Now I should insert here that we don't need another table, I wasn't looking for another table and I don't typically buy furniture for no reason.  But I just couldn't leave him there.  Look at those legs: it's ONE leg, but isn't it handsome?  You can see in this picture that the little metal screwy-thing was screwed out too much.  That was an easy fix - just screw it back in!
The top was a little less handsome.  But look at all the memories left behind.

And guess how much it cost me to bring him home?
That's right...One big smackeroo!  I didn't even offer less like I normally do at yard sales.  In fact, I felt like I should offer more!
So...I took this stranger and gave him some love.  I sanded him down, stained the top and painted the bottom.  He is still awaiting a final coat (or two) of top coat. 

Not bad for my first ever furniture redo, huh?  I still don't know what I'll do with him, but I think I'm  in love!


  1. One dollar~!!! I am sooooo amazed at the finds everyone has made this week!! It looks beautiful:)!

  2. I'm floored! ONE DOLLAR?? I would have invited that stranger to bring a couple of friends! Your first re-do is a winner!

  3. Sweet! I'm loving it! How much do want for it? Maybe that stranger could come live at my house (except I have a few strangers hanging out in the basement, just waiting for some TLC)! Are you sure you don't want to go to the auction with me tonight????? Just let Dani clean up after herself, because you have important business to tend to! Call me!

  4. wow that is gorgeous! Even better, it was only $1! You totally scored :)

  5. wow! awesome find!!!! and great re-do!

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries