Sunday, August 5, 2012


Relief!  That's what I felt Thursday night.  As you'll remember from this post, Shawn is close to earning his Eagle Scout.  The past few months he's been preparing for his project.  It is a grueling process.  Here's a quick timeline - decide on an organization, come up with idea for project, talk to person in charge of the organization, wait for person in charge to talk to the board, talk to person in charge again to agree upon specifics of project, write up project proposal and take "before" pictures, get person in charge of organization to sign paperwork, present proposal to Scoutmaster and troop committee,  take suggestions to improve proposal, get signatures from Scoutmaster and troop committee, make appointment to meet with district committee, prepare for official presentation by getting drilled by parents, meet with district committee to explain proposal (while parents wait patiently with fingers crossed).

Why are things like this always more stressful for the parents? 

From the time they were both 11, Shawn and Cory have been working together to complete their Boy Scout requirements.  So it just seemed fitting that they would work on their Eagle Scout Projects together.  Well...not really together, but simultaneously.  Much to their dismay, they can't do the project together - they must each complete their own.  However, they are going through the process together.

The district committee interviewed each of them separately, but they got to wait together.  I think being together calmed their nerves and made them feel a little more comfortable.  I'm glad they could be there for each other.

Both of their projects were approved! YEAH!!! 

Now we just have to do the project!   Stay tuned....

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