Monday, August 6, 2012

Another CORNY story

You might remember last year I told you this corny story.  I told you how easy it is to freeze 400 ears of corn and that more people should do it.  You might also remember that I recruited the whole family to do it and even sent my sister to pick up the 400 ears of corn. I was rather proud of myself.  So when it came time to order corn this year, the first thing I did was call my sister :)  You see where this is going, don't you?  She told me what day was good for her, so I called and ordered corn for that day.  I then called my parents to make sure they would be home.  My sister, Tammy, even said she might come in for the weekend. plan was going well!  I am SO good!

So a few days before the big day, I was talking to Kerry.  She tells me that she "forgot" to take off work and has a meeting that she has to attend...but it shouldn't take long and she'll come help after that. So I think to myself, "OK, so I might have to pick up the corn.  But that's not so bad."

Then Tammy called and said she couldn't come this weekend because she's going away next weekend and doesn't want to be gone both weekends.  Whatever!

On Friday, I drove to the farm stand to pick up 400 beautiful ears of corn.  The cute little farm girls threw it in the back of my car without any problem.  I drove several miles to another farm where the whole family joined together to help husk and silk all 400 ears.  They put the ears in 4 plastic tubs and the dad loaded them in the back of my car.  This REALLY is not that bad!

I drove to Mom and Dad's thinking this was going to be a good day.  That's when I noticed my dad outside mowing the grass.  WHAT IS HE DOING??? Doesn't he remember that we are doing corn today?  So I started carrying in the tubs of corn.  Certainly he would come help when he saw me struggling with those heavy tubs.  But somehow he never saw me - that's what I keep telling myself anyways.  I lugged all four of those tubs inside all by myself.  Whew!  I needed a break already!

Kerry and Jennifer showed up soon after I got there.  Yeah...the help is coming!  Mom put water on to boil, we brought out the knives and got started.  But not for long.  Oh nooo.  Kerry had to leave to take Jennifer to a doctor's appointment.  Seriously...I'm not kidding.

I think they're all on to me! Forgetting to take off work...making excuses not to come see me...doing yardwork at the exact moment that I show up...scheduling doctor's appointments.  I don't think any of that was accidental...NOPE!  I think they are all getting me back for last year.

But don't worry about me.  I am already working on a plan for next year!

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