Monday, October 24, 2011

Bushel (or two) of Fun

A is for apple - at least that's what they teach in Preschool.  And it's apple season.  Gala apples are my favorite, but for this particular job, Granny Smith was our gal.  My friend, Sara, makes and cans apple pie filling every year.  This year I decided to give it a try.  And if you remember from my corny post I don't usually do these things alone.  My sister and my parents are forced love helping out! 

We used mostly Granny Smith, but mixed in a few Courtlands, or were they Fuji, or maybe they were Jonagolds.  Heck, I can't remember what they were! 

First we washed and peeled all the apples.
 Look how cute these naked little apples are...

Kerry sliced, diced and chopped.  Doesn't she look a little too happy to have a knife in her hand?  And the one that's she's holding is not even the big one!
Then we shoved as many apples as we could into the quart sized jars.

I didn't get a picture of the "filling" mixture, but here we are (and by we I mean everyone but me) pouring the filling over the apples.

I think we might have overstuffed our jars...but we're learning! We then processed the jars in a water bath canner and voila  -  the APPLE OF MY PIE EYE

Sara also gave my a delicious recipe for "Apple Pie Crumb."  I am feeling generous today and I think I will share it with my readers (all two of you!):

Pour apple pie filling into a 9x13 pan.  Sprinkle a dry yellow cake mix over filling mixture.  Drizzle 1 stick of melted butter over cake mix.  Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes.  Best to eat warm and with vanilla ice cream.  YUM-O!!!

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  1. So, I stopped by and started reading and...
    1. decided I didn't have time to post on every post - so I would come back up here and put it all out there.
    2. If you live in the greater PA/MD area... those Apple pie jars look amazing and I'm too lazy to make some. I will give you a kid (scratch that) my husband (no... I still get the better end of the deal) ... anyway - what's the going rate on canned apple pie?
    3. I love that you changed positions. I love that a song inspired you to do that. Right now... I'm being inspired by Who will love me for me. But also "If I die Young" ...
    anyway.. where was i?
    4. Love the Steelers shirt. Everyone should own one. Not sure about the Yankees... but - well we can't be perfect.
    5. Love the pumpkin carving / fall stuff.
    6. Lovin' on your blog. :)
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