Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Tree

Before I was married I used to say I wanted six kids.  I'm passed that thought now - but there are still times when I wish I had a bigger family.  Certain activities would be easier and a lot more fun.  But I must say I was a bit surprised with my "thankful tree" idea tonight.  The idea was to write things we are thankful for on leaves and tape them to a tree.  Then each morning add a few more leaves.  I envisioned this being a lot more fun and satisfying with a large family - or at least more than one kid.  But we came up with some great ideas and our tree is already drooping with all of our blessings!

Don't they look SO happy!  They are craft enthusiasts, as you can tell!

Now let's get a closer look at the things we are blessed with:

I have it stuck to our refrigerator so that we can see it every day between now and Thanksgiving. 

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  1. didn't put my name on there? Front and center? I'm a little disappointed about that. But I love the idea and may borrow it for next year. Oh, and Kate made something for you in church. You're going to love it. She had to write thank you notes in church and she picked two people to write to: you and Pappy Bill. I can't wait to give it to you! Happy Thanksgiving - today I am grateful for you, my friend (and just so you know, I would have put your name front and center on my tree).